Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Most Worthless and Pointless Novel in World History

I'm not the best writer who ever lived...I'm not the worst writer who ever lived. But I admit to penning the most worthless and pointless novel in world history.

I wrote a 75,000-word book for a woman who didn't love me & who actually despised every fiber of my being. The cover sucked too. The company that offered to publish it was a SCAM company that literally took my money and ran. This was the old days, before Lulu and Amazon Publishing.

My girlfriend (at the time) read the book, broke up with me months later. My parents hated it & never finished reading it. Literally, every friend that knew of it is dead or permanently estranged from me. My wife to this day doesn't like to talk about it. The only PG-rated book I ever wrote too.

I actually never published it. The girl I loved didn't even read it or know of its existence. It's one of those "open 100 years after I'm dead" books. 😄  At least I can laugh about it now.

A short parable

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