Thursday, November 1, 2018

Centrism Sucks

The very idea of #centrism bothers me. The idea of compromise seems to provoke anyone who believes in a cause or supports what they feel is the "moral" decision.
But the more I study history and observe politics, or simply admit what is human nature, it is quite likely that society is built on compromise. Modern society is built on the notion that two polarized sides will either fight to the death, or compromise somewhere. Minimizing violence requires compromise. Human beings are the ones who ultimately decide whether they feel like killing or dying, or if they just want to let something go.
I as a semi-radical , a journalist and a creative writer, I despise the idea of #compromise or centrism because it feels like a moral failure.
Looking in on the outside, I know that the 1% wealthy elite will never acquiesce completely and history shows they never have. Religion, monarchies, always found a way to tolerate prosperous families because in some indirect way, it benefits them as well.
So while we may see globalism coming a mile away, and decry it as a victory solely for merchants, it is ultimately a compromise that society will always be willing to make. Such is human nature, because at some point, the endless bloodshed does eventually make us wonder what we're really fighting about.
Realizing that the art of compromise and centrism is crucial to world peace, is perhaps what causes many idealists like myself to lose interest in politics. The realization that our views are too absurd, too ambitious to be doable in one generation, is demoralizing.
This is the golden age for mediators, marketers and philanthropists who see great victory in selling out and can materially profit from winning one battle at a time.

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