Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Mike Pence Rule

I personally don't believe in this rule.
But I can see why a person, especially in the political arena, may find it necessary to institute an arbitrary rule like this to gain immunity.
If it's well known among a man's peers that he never spends time alone with another woman, it may be a protection against false allegations that hypothetically could turn up later on.
Is it misogynistic? No, at worst, it's evidence of paranoia. But in Pence's case, and in many men's case, it may be paranoia that's actually supported by his spouse.
I know many women who would take offense at knowing their husband is meeting anyone else "alone". Is it possessiveness or mistrust? Maybe...but that's the negotiation between husband and wife. None of our business.
If my own intuition was to tell me, "Don't be alone with this person! Something is off..." I would listen to my instincts, regardless of how politically incorrect it seems. Regardless of whose feelings it hurts.
I being a writer have the luxury of not having to meet with anyone. I have the option to say no (and usually do because meeting with people drains me lol) Pence doesn't have the option to be a recluse.
Self-preservation is always more important than the appearance of being an all-trusting paragon of virtue.
While there is plenty of reason to dislike Pence, this is not one of them.

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